Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Some Trees.

Some trees on Rykneld Rec.

Another steering group meeting tomorrow night, so we'll definately have a date for our art activities day. Lots of artists have been booked for March, just waiting for final confirmation.

It's all got very exciting....

Thursday, 24 January 2008

popping out for food

This evening has been one of those evenings where I fancy something to eat that is not within the house.

My response is then to ride my motorcycle to the supermarket, that is about 10 minutes away by bike. I've walked it in the past, I think it was about 30 minutes each way.

On arrival, I realise that I've popped out to the shop to get something to eat. Why this shop, I wondered.

It has a large selection of food.
Fresh granary bread and breakfast cereal I like.
oh, and I can get to it on the bike.

digital image workshop-development

The thoughts about the workshopare going well. Bonus...bumped into the chap from the youth forum at RAG. Sorry, can't remember the name. He was at a similar stage to me about going in and doing stuff. As well as the multi sheet stuff, there are other digital elements that we can cover.

Looking forward to meeting up with the youth forum again and doing some stuff together.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Resident Action Group meeting 22.1.08

Last evening was a very pleasent weatherly evening...

There was a RAG meeting too.

New venue, in the Voice Box in Foreman Street. Could well be using that in March for an event, more soon(hopefully) about that one.

Interesting RAG meeting, heard from the marketing guy from Quad. His overview was very broad brush strokes, ie he kept it in marketing speak about how fantastic it'll be, which is nice. Things of note are the BFI pod for archive access and the Quad's overall "we want to be accessible" claim, again which is nice. I asked him about a group coming into show their work, he was a little unsure as I had nothing concrete to tell him about at the point he said "give me an example".

If the Abbey project had three events, there is a good case to attempt to show work made within Quad, it's simply about connecting with people and talking. Look at what Cornelia Parker has achieved, just by talking to people.

The couple that ran the Abbey Street Post Office where there. I spoke briefly with them. There has been political shananagans behind the scenes. They are going to attempt to keep the shop open.

Apparently, the Post Office closing strategy is down to proximity to major Post Offices. I sat talking with another resident last night, we mused how there will be the same number of people needing to use Post Offices and there being less Post Offices to use.

Hey ho.

There was also a chap from CAST TRUST there. There is a new Stockbrook Community Hub website. It's new and still in development. With Stockbrook serviced by that, the potential for a wider viewing Abbey website feels good. Hopefully more on that soon.

Monday, 21 January 2008

A bold claim

this publication has arrived at home. It's a thing from the local liberal democrats. It's on about a post office being closed. It's on about pointing the finger at the labour party, claiming the fault of the other "lot".

Any body that has regularly attended the resident action group meetings will be aware of the unhappiness of the citizens that ran that post office, and the inability to resolve their problems. This claim in the publication is somewhat misleading, as maybe just maybe there were other factors behind it.

I'm disappointed at the childishness with which the political parties throw mud at each other in order to make themselves look cleaner and brighter.

Would it not be better for the local community to have all sides working together to improve quality of life for all. That includes any trusts or teams working within the community.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

A Few Pictures from Saturday Afternoon

More to follow....

Having explored the area , and chatted to a few people, I'd like to include some images of the people who live here. These pictures have been about me exploring the area, and the environment before I talked to people, to get a feel for the space. I really like Rykneld Rec. where I can let my dog run around and talk to fellow walkers.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

digital image workshop

the multiple sheet image (below) is an example of the type of image that can be made, within the digital image workshop.

And a few thoughts from me.

A link to a really interesting arts organisation, not that far away in Loughborough. I really like some of their ideas, especially the project where they talked to business/shop owners. I'd really like it if someone took on some of our ideas. Click on projects and just explore the site.


When I float off into my head, Andrew and I would do our thing, then more residents would continue the things we started. I like the idea of the youth forum taking on some of the ideas, altering them to suit themselves and then there doesn't need to be a question of ownership, because it would naturally and organically belong to that group.

Today a very nice lady we got talking to, told us not to worry, she wouldn't pinch our ideas. Our response was the same, that would actually be fantastic, because wouldn't that show that the idea was good and if it worked, that would be even better. The highest form of flattery being copied.

multiple sheet image-example there of

distractive sky

community cohesion - a fledgling artist ponders...

Yes I see myself as a fledgling artist, I'm still a student after all.

The being a resident, at the RAG meetings has fed into my research of community. Listening to conversations, reacting and talking has got me to a point of realising some fundamentals. The most fundamental is communication. Getting dialogue, conversations, discourse, whatever you would like to call it going.

Within the community development of Abbey(formerly Stockbrook) an art project was seen as a vehicle for promoting community cohesion. The challenging part is translating the 4 points into a cohesive plan for the community. As a fledgling artist, part of "my thing" is to make work that will promote reaction in viewers of the work. That seems to fit within something that is defined in my mind so putting all that on the web might take some time. So for now I'll keep it simple.


a very important part(I think) is that community members are allowed to feel empowered and want to be involved because they feel they want to be involved. That implies time and in turn patience. I have seen for myself that building up confidence to do something new takes time. Be patient and supportive.

The notion of "ownership" is an important consideration.

governmental community cohesion-a resident of the community reacts

The ideals set out on the website are wonderful. The group that sat around the table and thought it up have done a wonderful job. Is this a theoretical set of ideals, or have they been arrived at by doing. That's kind of not important right now, what is important, is how do those ideals manifest themselves in the real world, how does the community respond to make it all happen.

what is community cohesion-governmental idea

Understanding a defintion of something is very important for me, without clearly defining what the "thing" is, how can any body appreciate the "thing"

So, at the website is some text, that I'll copy and paste below....


Community Cohesion & Community Conflict Resolution


The development of community cohesion is the attempt to build communities with four key characteristics:

  • a common vision and a sense of belonging for all communities;
  • the valuing of diversity;
  • similar life opportunities for all and;
  • strong and positive relationships are being developed between people from different backgrounds and circumstances in the workplace, in the school and within neighbourhoods."

learning about posting

I am learning from doing about the titling and content of the blog entries. Keeping the posts short and to the point of the title will make finding stuff in the future easier.

I'm pleased, I like this learning from doing approach.

the next RAG meeting

The next RAG is soon. The invitation to attend has come through the post. The area of coverage of the Neighboourhood forum has increased. The interesting part of the letter is the notion that it's the Abbey (formerly Stockbrook) Resident Action Group.

I like the notion of the Abbey project being known as the Abbey (formerly Stockbrrok) project. A point to throw about for discussion.

I see from the agenda that there will be an update on the Quad development and some sort of news about the Stockbrook area website.

The next RAG meeting is scheduled for the 18th March. It comes back to starting and keeping going. Once we have the first art project event day confirmed, it is then so much easier to set the next and the next.

I feel that we should plan for three events. Why three? Because the first sets it going, the second allows for those who missed the first to have a go and by the third we will be able to see how far we have gone from the first to the third. Take the "meet the team" meetings last September, we all learnt from doing those events.

on the RAG

I'm not yet on the Residents Action Group committee, I still attend as a member of the community. It was about a year ago that I went to my first meeting. It was useful research for the "what is a pub" question that I was researching at the time.

I am part of the art project steering group. There's been three maybe four meetings of that group of people. At the last meeting we decided that we would stage an art event in March. On hearing that the Neighbourhood team possibly had some monies available to help with cohesive activites in the community, the excitement of doing has ramped up.

just one more corner shop for now

and obviously I'm playing with the layout facilities of the blog, seeing what happens when I type loads of text next to the picture. OK, got it, the picture gets moved down.

I now need to turn my thinking to the proposal document that needs to be in for a meeting tomorrow. What I need to do is write some stuff about the intentions of the pieces of work we want to make/do with members of the community.

For me the important part of the project is communication between people. Just get people talking. We have some participatory activities, we have some interactive activities, they all might get people talking. Talking being a fundamental activity.

some other pictures from the corner

The flat area has only been like like for a month or so. The building that was there was a pub, owned by a pub chain. The building was demolished, there are only rumours as to what will be built there in it's place.

a picture from around the corner

I'm playing with a demo application at the moment, hence the text on the image. I do like to play with software and stuff.

getting started

Getting started, turning that thought into doing, I find is a step. Sometimes big, sometimes small, always a step.

In response to the frustration earlier, I went and took some photos,obviously.

hello...starting to use this blog.

Hello, my first post here, very excited at the prospect of this project, excited at notion of where/how/when actions happen, things get done.

We have ideas, intentions,hopes and pubs to visit.

There is also a funding meeting very very soon, so responding is immediately possible.

There are pictures I would like to post, it's so frustrating I can't do absolutely everything at once.

So a bit at a time and all is good.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

More Images

A compilation of photos put into a little film, probably best to turn the music down though, it's not my choice and I'm working out how to get rid of it!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Past, Present and Future

After our walk into Derby Town Centre yesterday, I find myself pondering the question, what is community?

We don't have the same values and aspirations of 50 years ago, our close family is now divided across the world, so do our neighbours and friends now form those relationships with each other that our parents and grandparents would have provided?

Does anyone have any information about the photos below? I believe the first photo used to be a fishing shop. As I walked around yesterday, I found myself wondering whether anybody applied for the jobs advertised on the sign outside of the factory, and who drank in the pub that is now a house with a Kimberley Ales sign?

These glimpses into the past also send me off on a futuristic glimpses and I imagine my great grandchildren walking the streets that I am walking today and having similar thoughts about the time I'm living in. which brings in a whole time/space thing and I have to go and have a cup of tea to bring my head back to the present.

Not the best day for taking photos on a dark Saturday afternoon in January, so here are a few altered photos from Drewry Lane, on a walk into Derby to enjoy coffee at the Turkish Cafe in the Market Hall.