Sunday, 13 January 2008

Past, Present and Future

After our walk into Derby Town Centre yesterday, I find myself pondering the question, what is community?

We don't have the same values and aspirations of 50 years ago, our close family is now divided across the world, so do our neighbours and friends now form those relationships with each other that our parents and grandparents would have provided?

Does anyone have any information about the photos below? I believe the first photo used to be a fishing shop. As I walked around yesterday, I found myself wondering whether anybody applied for the jobs advertised on the sign outside of the factory, and who drank in the pub that is now a house with a Kimberley Ales sign?

These glimpses into the past also send me off on a futuristic glimpses and I imagine my great grandchildren walking the streets that I am walking today and having similar thoughts about the time I'm living in. which brings in a whole time/space thing and I have to go and have a cup of tea to bring my head back to the present.