Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Resident Action Group meeting 22.1.08

Last evening was a very pleasent weatherly evening...

There was a RAG meeting too.

New venue, in the Voice Box in Foreman Street. Could well be using that in March for an event, more soon(hopefully) about that one.

Interesting RAG meeting, heard from the marketing guy from Quad. His overview was very broad brush strokes, ie he kept it in marketing speak about how fantastic it'll be, which is nice. Things of note are the BFI pod for archive access and the Quad's overall "we want to be accessible" claim, again which is nice. I asked him about a group coming into show their work, he was a little unsure as I had nothing concrete to tell him about at the point he said "give me an example".

If the Abbey project had three events, there is a good case to attempt to show work made within Quad, it's simply about connecting with people and talking. Look at what Cornelia Parker has achieved, just by talking to people.

The couple that ran the Abbey Street Post Office where there. I spoke briefly with them. There has been political shananagans behind the scenes. They are going to attempt to keep the shop open.

Apparently, the Post Office closing strategy is down to proximity to major Post Offices. I sat talking with another resident last night, we mused how there will be the same number of people needing to use Post Offices and there being less Post Offices to use.

Hey ho.

There was also a chap from CAST TRUST there. There is a new Stockbrook Community Hub website. It's new and still in development. With Stockbrook serviced by that, the potential for a wider viewing Abbey website feels good. Hopefully more on that soon.

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