Thursday, 17 January 2008

And a few thoughts from me.

A link to a really interesting arts organisation, not that far away in Loughborough. I really like some of their ideas, especially the project where they talked to business/shop owners. I'd really like it if someone took on some of our ideas. Click on projects and just explore the site.

When I float off into my head, Andrew and I would do our thing, then more residents would continue the things we started. I like the idea of the youth forum taking on some of the ideas, altering them to suit themselves and then there doesn't need to be a question of ownership, because it would naturally and organically belong to that group.

Today a very nice lady we got talking to, told us not to worry, she wouldn't pinch our ideas. Our response was the same, that would actually be fantastic, because wouldn't that show that the idea was good and if it worked, that would be even better. The highest form of flattery being copied.

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