Thursday, 7 February 2008

thoughts, just before going to an organisational meeting

Memory of last week is very much in the forefront of my thoughts. It doesn't help that I'm feeling tired and worn out by the day already.

Getting the project off the ground has been a long slow process. Not sure why that is.

There is a certain beginning of certain feelings about certain things. I'm not really that certain about what it is about.

Maybe it's a kind of no mans land, between wanting to do and actually the doing of it. Maybe after this evenings meeting, the certain feeling will be more certain and a certain amount of direction re-established.

I've chatted with another friend in the area tonight about the intergenerational project, as it's being known. My friend was up for talking. I am aware that I need to put some dates into diaries soon.

The photography and videoing for the cornershop project, that too will start soon, and the box of rejection making and the youth forum is next week. I still don't know if that will happen. I wonder if that is the core uneasy feeling that I have.

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