Saturday, 2 February 2008


Have you considered where you belong ?

Possibly an awkward question and I immediately apologise for placing you in that position.

In attempting to put together a project to promote cohesion in a community(within an area of housing defined by governmental policy), is the notion of "you don't belong here" applicable ? I don't think so. Who has the right to question whether anybody belongs somewhere. It becomes racist and uncomfortable. It might be different if an individual considers the notion of "do I belong here" or "where do I belong". I would suggest that any community project should encourage the notion of " you belong here, you are amougst people that feel good to have you here."

A project will only exist by those engaged with it to make it happen. Again, no one can join in and then immediately question the role or validity of someone else within the group.

I'm not laying any rules down here, merely suggesting that attitude toward "belonging" could be at the heart of a project that is attempting to promote cohesion amougst an area defined by governmental boundary. Where that area defined would really liked to be known as a community.

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