Tuesday, 17 November 2009

update of progress

how did this work as a community art project?

it did bring people together, i now know more people in my neighbourhood than before doing the project. as a project it was worked out in real time. the flaw with it was that it began from a professional body. the community were unable to own it.

there was a fun day in march. i was completing a degree and struggling with language, my dsylexia becoming more burdening to me. indeed it was difficult for me to be part of a group attempting to help others make their lives better when inside i was crying for help myself. my articulation of thought being a hinderence to me as i am perceived as being sorted and ok.

as the project was set up by a management structure from the council, it was always going to be at the mercy of that management structure. the steering group refusing to take on becoming a constituted group as the only driver for this was raising of funding.

as an act of cohesion, the steering group worked really well.

all the events put on were good in terms of acttracting the public in to take part. i did wonder if the last one in march did just affirm people's positions in life. if one is in a good place this is ok. if one is in an unhappy place, just how well did it allow one to come forward for some help.

i am currently working on helping myself to achieve some happiness. being around others who have that already, makes it difficult to talk about the states of unhappiness that i suffer from.

being involved in this real time project has been informative for me. my own problems do need to take precidence of those of others, as i seem unable to attract help and support as on the face of it i'm articulate and able to cope. if only the truth was known...

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