Wednesday, 19 March 2008

a record of the websites we looked at during the Youth Forum digital workshop info about hanging shoes a site to share photos and views, the Blog can link to this site. lots of text on this, quite boring, the adults are trying to improve stuff for us.

You Tube : a beat box guy in the kitchen. a bloke what does funny stories, he’s called Eddie Izzard, this clip is about star wars. clip of a band at a German festival, I like the tune and the setting of the festival. this was popular at the beginning of the 1990’s. I don’t find it that funny. What do you think? this short film won an Oscar in 1990. I really like it. No speaking, just visual stuff. there’s a world record for smashing eggs with toes, this record is held by a woman from Spain.
Enough You Tube… gimp is free downloadable software for manipulating image files. It’s a bit like Photoshop, everyone uses that coz it’s what everyone uses. It’s expensive to buy, so Gimp is a good place to start. if you want to find an image. part of Google. again loads of words by adults what are in a position to help us all do what we want. These are in Europe somewhere. Thing is, is it just more words with good meaning, or can they do stuff to make things more enjoyable for more people. another Youth Forum.. This is in Essex. It’s part of the local government process. Government is a good thing if you get genuine people within it, trying to make things better for everyone. this is like the barking and Dagenham Youth Forum, it’s happening in Derbyshire. another Youth Forum that is involved with the local government.

http://www. this is a website for the Stockbrook area. I wonder if the Youth Forum can get a link to their Blog listed on this site. The Youth Activities section is still a little short of information.

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