Wednesday, 20 August 2008

images of Jackson Street

images of Drewry Lane

other work happening in the community-Jackson Street

the planters in Jackson Street were included in the replanting project. The work was carried out by volunteers from Wimbledon, supervised by Verica. Pam and Anne were involved who attracted members of the YMCA to get involved, it was all very lovely.

Maybe communal gardening is a cohesive measure within the community.

other work happening in the community-Drewry Lane

recently there has been some work carried out on a couple of planters within the community. I feel particularly pleased about this as I suggested to the Residents Action Group that something might happen to the planters as they had been neglected.
At a very personal level for me, the idea came to me while sitting on the bench in Drewary Lane, eating a bag of chips, prior to going to a wake. As I sat there eating, I realised it would be some much more pleasing to the eye if the planters had plants in.
Quite simple I suppose really.

Foot Prints Music Project

The music project does have a name - "Foot Prints Music Project"

The DVD's are complete and delivered.

I'm interested to see how the project continues to develop. Hopefully there might be another opportunity to return to a future performance to document the progress made.